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The Profitability Catalyst
Strategy Insight OS

Principal: John Howard



contact details:
  The Profitability Catalyst
Strategy Insight OS
2103 Georgia Drive
OH    44145
office tel: 440.759.1915
fax: .
mobile: 440.759.1915
email: john@theprofitabilitycatalyst.com
web: www.theprofitabilitycatalyst.com


Key Services Offered:
We work with motivated owners of small manufacturers who are discouraged with their revenue, cash flow and profitability. They sense that the company is not running efficiently or does not have a winning market position for profitable growth, maybe both. Weatherhead 100 Award for region’s fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award, Governor’s Office, State of Ohio; Ohio Venture Association, Profiles International - High-Level Strategic Workforce Management, Business Valuation & Exit Strategy; American Production & Inventory Control Society

Core Experience of Principal:
The Profitability Catalyst facilitates profitable growth with our Signature Programs: Build your BUSINESS PROFITABILITY ROADMAP or something more specific below. Our formula shows you the way to positive cash flow, increasing profits and boosting returns on sales, assets and equity. We help leadership identify the issues; select the right ones to work on for greatest impact and in the right sequence for profitable growth. - PROFIT ACCELERATOR – this assessment helps you identify needs and valued capabilities for profitable growth with an immediate in-depth look at organizational functions and interactions. Our benchmark scoring system establishes how each functional area affects the organization’s cash flow, profits and ability to grow; and as the benchmark score improves so does the company! - PROFITABLE LEADERSHIP NOW! – a foundational program to make leaders more successful, at any level, capable of running a highly efficient and profitable company. It reveals the critical “people” strategies for hiring, training, managing and motivating…how to increase collaboration and have people WANT to follow your lead! This program contains over 100 years of knowledge and experience to help leaders learn how to decide and deliver to plan. - POSITION FOR PROFIT – a business needs a strategy process to discover its most valuable choices, make decisions and position the company to reach its objectives: what-to-provide, where-to-play and how-to-win (very rare activities). Is there a dominant strategy to create more customers relative to the market and rivals? The purpose is to build those clear connections between market positions, resources and profit growth that management and investors focus on as you navigate into the future. - POSITION FOR TRANSITION – get ready for a rich retirement with a defined exit strategy. Your company is the most valuable asset you have and someday you’ll be looking to cash-out. Every incremental improvement made for growth and transition will bring more value and a higher sales price for your company – the big bucks that allow you to retire!


Qualifications & Accreditations:
MBA, Business Systems, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio BS, Chemistry, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Weatherhead 100 Award for region's fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. Governor's Excellence in Exporting Award, Governor's Office, State of Ohio; Ohio Venture Association, Profiles International - High-Level Strategic Workforce Management, Business Valuation & Exit Strategy; American Production & Inventory Control Society. Accredited Associate, Institute for Independent Business (AInstIB).

Industry Sectors worked in:
High Tech, Electronics, Industrial, Retail, Chemical, Steel-making, Plastics, Tele-communications, Outsourcing, Healthcare, Energy, M&A, Professional Services, Public and Non-profit concerns.

John Howard is known as “The Profitability Catalyst” due to his tested-and-proven strategies and formulas for increasing both cash flow and profits…backed-up by his B.S. degree in Chemistry and MBA in Business Systems. He has worked in and with both small and Fortune 500 manufacturing companies for over three decades, including ADC Telecommunications, ABL Canada and U.S. Steel and played key roles in founding or launching four companies. Specializing in turnaround or growth situations, John has helped scores of companies respond to rapid change by becoming more profitable, flexible and higher velocity organizations. His advisory insights into the human side of change management, catalyzing cash flow and increasing profits by over 100% are your keys to long-term endurance and growth.

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