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Case Studies



  US company required advice with regard to dealing with their Works Council in the Netherlands
Due to important differences in labour laws, there had been some difficulties in the implementation of certain decisions of the US management. This had caused the relationship with the Dutch Works Council to become very strained. Both parties wished for an improvement in the relationship. We acted as mediator and later as independent consultant, which resulted in a better mutual understanding and in the satisfactory completion of several consultation and consent procedures.
Guiver Freeman Ltd, Gelderland, Netherlands

South African Medical Publisher was struggling to grow their international business
By using the strength of the IIB network it was possible to identify, employ and train agents is seven international countries. Initially we where tied to English speaking countries but found it to be easier to setup relationships and agreements with countries a little different from the norm. Agencies have been setup in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Croatia, where the language is not English. As a result the publisher has been able to increase there client base by almost 400% and is now able to produce copy in four languages. The biggest benefit is that the same research work can be used in four languages thus cutting the production time significantly. With a completed development of a new website it is possible for client companies to participate in the creation of each new newsletter rather than having copy moving backwards and forwards for sign-off and approval. The result is that production now take weeks less than before.
 Upwards Spiral Consulting, Western Cape, South Africa

US Client in finance, leasing, and real estate needed to make significant savings on their Telecommunications Costs
We developed and managed the audit and analysis, and negotiated savings in local, long distance, data, and mobile service overcharges and rate reductions with telecommunications vendors like AT&T, MCI/Sprint, and Verizon. Without reliance on existing contracts and without changing vendors, achieved up to 17% per year in overall savings within 4 months.
Technology Vision in Action - Colorado, USA

A health service was unable to control their expenditure on medical devices and consumables, had difficulty managing inventory and their replenishment processes
We reviewed the situation, designed, delivered and project-managed a consortia solution that reduced wasted staff time by 80%, eliminated obsolete, excess and poorly-managed inventory with a one-off 35% reduction in stock-on-hand and a year-on-year saving in expenditure of 7%. Customer service levels improved to a consistent 95%+, quality of working-life was measured as having improved 77% and cost-to-serve reduced by over 60% through the introduction of streamlined, sensible business process supported by the right technology
Ithaca Business, London UK and Victoria, Australia

A substantial supplier of canned foods needed to restructure and relocate.
Our role was to act as Operations Director, responsible for Logistics, Supply Chain and IT, with project objectives of ensuring the total re-location of the company's stock to the new warehouses without disruption to the service offered , preparing the new offices, which were at the time a bare shell, for the move, re-locating the offices, including co-ordinating any necessary staff recruitment, as 70% of the staff would not re-locate, implementing the necessary changes to their ERP system (Movex) so that it could be used by the warehouse operator to receive and despatch goods. After a project which lasted seven months and a terrific team effort, all of the project objectives were met, on time and in budget.
Adventum, Kent, UK
A number of British and American companies with activities in the Netherlands require practical HR related help with Dutch Labour laws
We regularly act as independent advisers and make sure that the mother companies learn more about Dutch law so that they can manage (the employees of) their Dutch subsidiaries better
Guiver Freeman Ltd, Gelderland, Netherlands

A leading Australian trade publisher wanted to launch a new range of titles in a specialised non-fiction area.
The problem was getting the ball rolling when existing staff were fully loaded and taking on new staff for an as-yet non-existent project was not an option. We were called in to define the potential of the new market, analyse competitor presence and strategy, and outline attributes and tactics for recent bestsellers. We recommended six topic areas we demonstrated would reward investment in the new market, detailing key titles to form the backbone of the list. As a direct result of our research the Publisher was confident enough to begin commissioning titles in the topic areas we had specified.
Breakout Business Services, Victoria, Australia

Public Sector IT Infrastructure Supplier was looking for a partner to grow the business
We were engaged as specialist mergers and acquisition advisers to find partners interested in meeting the company's objectives as owner managers. We provided a full service, preparing all of the external documentation, researching potential suitors, and bringing companies to meet our clients who were genuinely interested in what they had to offer. We chaired all of the initial meetings and helped the client present themselves ourselves and the company to best advantage. We were able to present the client with a choice from several very good options and did this in a way that created goodwill on all sides. We kept everyone on track through the due diligence and contract negotiation stages. The client was delighted that a positive result was achieved under a presured deadline before the end of the 2008 tax year.
Kroeger & Co, Warwickshire, England
A Canadian developer of a novel scanner for use in medical laboratories needed help to comply with the CE Directives before exporting the product to Europe.
We conducted a risk assessment on site and advised them on changes required to reduce risks to acceptable levels, warnings to be included in their documentation, and on how to comply with CE marking. We now represent the company in Europe.
Atlantic Bridge, Berkshire, UK

Small manufacturing company were having great difficulty recuiting a Shift Manager.
The company had tried to recruit themselves, but had failed to source the right candidates, and did not have a structured recruitment process in place to enable them to predict a candidate's performance in the job. We instigated a very cost effective web-based strategy for sourcing candidates and also wrote the full recruitment process including job description, application form, telephone screen, interview structure, referencing process, and verbal offer process. The client was then trained to manage this process in-house. The client was delighted to secure the right person for the job, whilst minimising their costs.
Brunton Consultancy, Warwickshire, UK

A Building Maintenance Company was losing money despite having plenty of work
After a thorough review of the business we identified a number of management and process problems. We obtained cash flow funding to bridge the short term cash issue and then set about developing the appropriate management processes including proper job costing and post completion project reviews to identify reasons for cost overruns and put in place steps to prevent them happening in future. We also worked with them to improve their credit control and invoicing.
Exigent Consulting, Kent, UK
Extreme Sports Equipment Supplier had problems with his product fulfilment and warehouse operations and £60k inventory write offs
We redesigned warehouse layout, selected supplier and managed installation - introduced rolling inventory checking - retrained all staff on use of the computer based order processing and fulfiment system - identified lack of 'ownership' on key business processes - met with all staff and generated Job Descriptions with their sign off - updated all Contracts of Employment - introduced and Chaired weekly Operations Meeting - identified need for full time Operations Manager, generated Job Description and managed recruitment process. Profits improved to best ever recorded - write off reduced to £2k prior to arrival of Operations Manager
Harrington Associates, Kent, UK

An IT distribution company needed a partner to improve their market position, whilst the owner of the business also needed to plan for his retirement.
We advised on a merger, negotiating the terms for our client and preparing a business plan which detailed the merger benefits available. As part of the transaction, we negotiated a controlled exit for our client on terms which will increase the value of his equity by at least 75%.
The EPS Partnership, London, UK

A manufacturing company was worried about its soaring energy costs.
We carried out an energy cost reduction audit which identified the unit cost of energy and recommended a lower cost provider. We surveyed the use of energy in each area of the plant and identified savings in lighting control, air conditioning, compressed air supplies and in manufacturing processes. We found savings for the client of £10,000 on an energy bill of £50,000.
Briarcroft Ltd, East Sussex, UK
A medium-sized wood products business was struggling to reconcile its demand and capacity patterns - and to match strategic direction with operational imperatives
We worked consultatively with the business to design a Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process that brought together disparate parts of the business to achieve the most profitable result. After designing the process we conducted and evaluated an RFI to find supporting tools-ultimately recommending process flow and inventory optimisation tools instead of the more traditional and core Theory-of-Constraints solutions that provide less than optimal outcomes in process-flow industries such as wood products. An S&OP project is strategic-long term recommendations also included organizational re-structuring plus changes to company reporting and measurement.
Ithaca Business, London UK and Victoria, Australia
Telephone outsourcing solutions company required support in writing the copy for their web site.
They knew what they wanted to include, but needed help in how to word it for maximum impact. We worked with the company to understand their business and take a full specification. The copy was rewritten within 2 working days enabling the company to establish their web site quickly and efficiently. The client said "We now have a web site written in such a way as to be clear, concise and informative to the reader, and we believe that this will enhance our e-business significantly".
Brunton Consultancy, Warwickshire, UK

The owner of a transport business needed to get better control of their business
They wanted to reorganise and reduce the number of hours they put into the business, which was often 14hrs a day, 7 days per week. We undertook a full strategic review of the business and reset the strategy which was in line with the owners aspirations. This resulted in a restructure of the business Turnover was reduced and some assets were disposed of; however profit was more than doubled and the owners could run the business working a normal 40 hrs week .
Exigent Consulting, Kent, UK
An American supplier of Pharmaceutical Production Machinery was required to comply with European Regulations before exporting machinery to Ireland.
We assisted the company in the bidding process to offer compliant machinery. The company won the bid and we prepared the documentation with the company to demonstrate compliance to the client. This included risk assessments for explosive atmospheres and methods to reduce contamination of product.
Atlantic Bridge, Berkshire, UK

A diversified holding company wished to dispose of its advertising agency subsidiary.
We advised on the sale process and valued the business. Based on our valuation, we negotiated an improved offer, yielding a 50% increase in sale proceeds for our client.
The EPS Partnership, London, UK

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